Current Schedule:

September 12th - October 10th: Seattle, WA. Willing to travel outside of the city, including Portland OR. 

October 12th - 21st: Pittsburgh, PA


October 22nd: DC

October 23rd - 25th: Richmond, VA

October 26th: DC


October 27th - 29th: Pittsburgh, PA 


October 30th: Buffalo NY

October 31st - 1st: Toronto ON

November 2nd - 3rd: Rochester, NY. Willing to travel to Syracuse as well! 

November 4th: Buffalo NY

November 5th - 7th: Pittsburgh PA


November 8th: Toledo

November 9th - 11th: Detroit, MI 


November 12th - 15th: Pittsburgh PA 


November 16th: DC

November 17th - 19th: Richmond VA

November 20th: DC


November 21st - 28th: Pittsburgh PA